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Improve Your Health Through Your Subconscious
by Caryna Fernandez, CHt
Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist / Hypnocoach

Hypnosis is a scientifically proven technique that can promote accelerated human change. With Hypnosis we can create desired changes in behavior and encourage mental and physical well-being. Hypnotherapy has been shown to treat a variety of ailments and issues, such as depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, fears and phobias. It is also effective in helping clients to realize their potential.

In this state of deep concentration people are highly responsive to suggestion. You are always in control and remember everything.

When something new happens to us, we remember it and learn a particular behavior in response to that circumstance. Memories stored in our brains hold the original physical and emotional reactions that occurred when the given memory was first formed. Each time similar events occur again, the physical and emotional reactions attached to the memory are repeated. These reactions may be inappropriate or unhealthy. In hypnotherapy, the trained therapist guides you to remember the event that led to the first reaction, separate the memory from the learned behavior, and reconstruct the event with new, healthier associations.

In this relaxed state, a person will feel very at ease physically yet fully awake mentally.

During hypnosis, a person's body relaxes while his or her thoughts become more focused and attentive. Like other relaxation techniques, hypnosis decreases blood pressure and heart rate, and alters certain types of brain wave activity.

Even though hypnosis has been employed in psychotherapy practices around the world for decades, the potential patients’ first reaction can usually be described along the lines of fear, worry, or anxiety.

This is possibly due to the depiction that hypnosis has received from the media. If you’ve seen a hypnosis act on stage or in a film, you might assume you know what to expect. In truth, however, the reality could not be any more different. For one thing, professional therapists will not make you cluck like a chicken, to the great amusement of an audience. For another, they can help you overcome malignant behavioral patterns such as dependence, substance abuse, or other emotional problems.

Those who wonder what to expect from a hypnosis session at Shin Wellness in Miami should know that comfort and relaxation are the main concern of our staff. As you unwind and allow your body to relax, the Hypnotherapist will proceed to instruct you on what to do to maximize the potential of the session. He or she will gently guide you through the process, sometimes by making use of metaphoric language. The two of you will work together toward your desired aims.

There is no need to worry about a potentially jarring experience. Hypnosis therapy is a process based on physical relaxation. As your body gently slips into comfort, your mind will remain alert. This will allow you to register and process all the spoken instructions coming from your clinical hypnosis therapist. You will feel casually removed from the experience, as if you were a distant observer onto the scene.

Many people avoid hypnosis therapy because of control concerns. It is a commonly held fallacy that the hypnosis professional takes control of your mind and body. This is entirely untrue. Whether you listen to pre-recorded clinical hypnosis suggestions on a CD or undertake a session at a clinic, you control the experience. Should you feel discomfort, you can always terminate the session. Most patients, however, report feeling blissfully comfy and say they have absolutely no reason to leave.

One of the most important benefits of clinical hypnotherapy is that it counters the negative effects of prolonged periods of stress. Stress is finally no longer regarded as a minor issue by the medical field. Recent research indicates that an increasing number of workers are forced to take medical leaves of absence, on account of dealing with stress.

According to a study undertaken in June 2012 by the American Psychological Association’s Institute of Stress in New York, 77 percent of people polled said they regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress and 48 percent stated stress has negatively affected their personal and professional life.

One way to explain stress is to look at its etymology. The word in modern English comes from the Latin verb “stringere”, i.e. tightening, compressing or applying pressure. If you’ve ever felt “stressed out”, you will probably find this definition to closely describe your experience. Stress is all about feeling the pressure of everyday life—to such a great extent that you feel you are no longer able to handle it all.

The problem most people find difficult to manage is the fact that stress can stem from a great number of sources. Often enough, those sources are the most important things in their lives: professions, relationships, money, etc.. Nowadays, we live in a highly stress-inducing environment, in which families and marriages collapse under the weight of job anxieties, making ends meet turns out to be increasingly difficult, and jobs seem to be perpetually on the line. It can prove extremely difficult to balance out so many demands, especially since they are all interconnected.

Wellness and Personal Development Sessions

Each 60 minute consultation may include hypnosis, light and color therapy, bio-feedback, stretching, and breath-work.  The nervous system is relaxed and rebalanced and a brief personal action plan is given to maintain the benefits of the session and make lasting improvements.


Deep Calm

  • This session teaches you to balance your nervous system and enjoy your life by learning to better handle your reaction to stress.  Learn to observe your patterns of uncontrolled and unwanted reactions, and gain techniques that cultivate healthier, more productive responses to maintain your newfound equilibrium.

Weight Release

  • Unless your subconscious is also trained in your weight loss efforts, you will find the excess weight returning time and time again.  This session focuses on uncovering the compulsive thinking patterns that drive over-eating and other compulsive behaviors.  A new perspective can then take root and real nourishment and vitality will finally begin to grow.

Brain Bootcamp

  • In this session you will learn to take advantag3e of the brain’s plasticity to strengthen a full range of functions involved in your brain’s fitness.  Improve clarity, memory, and ability to focus, and put all your senses to work.  Learn to observe your scattered thinking patterns and develop laser-like focus at your command.

Enjoying Meditation

  • This session will leave you prepared for a regular practice of relaxing meditation to enjoy more clarity in your life.  Modern science has confirmed that mediation offers deep and lasting benefits including improved physical and emotional health, enhanced focus, and ability to manage stress.  Find relief from common detrimental thought patterns and fears.   A deeper connection to life’s synchronicities and a feeling of faith in the flow are the greatest benefits of all.

Relationship Rehab

  • This session will help you heal your heart and make room for relationships you can be proud of.  Improve the ability to foster and enjoy communication and intimacy.  Demonstrate and inspire patience, kindness, and forgiveness as a natural state in your relating to your loved ones.  Areas that may be addressed are:  overcoming defensiveness or jealousy, communicating compassionately and constructively, and how to re-ignite the passionate spark.

Manifestation Demystified

  • This session will clarify the Law of Attraction process for accomplishing your personal and professional goals.  Learn the process of co-creation; a balance between effort and letting go.  You will learn self-hypnosis and creative visualization to create a mental blueprint of the life you want to achieve and magnetize all cooperative component to you.

Deep Sleep

  • Restful, refreshing sleep is a key aspect of any healthful lifestyle.  Without it, we become vulnerable to mental stress and physical illness.  In this session you will learn tools and techniques that include self-hypnosis to learn how to let go of the mind’s grip and give it a rest!

Transcending the Pain

  • When we suffer from chronic pain it can be impossible to relax.  This session provides instruction in mediation and breath-work, along with hypnosis to help you deal with the fear and tension chronic pain causes.  Learn to loosen the grip of pain and create a sense of self-soothing and support that allows relief and healing to begin.





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