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Diana Jaramillo
Reike Practitioner and Chakra Balancing

Diana Jaramillo is a teacher of “A Course in Miracles” and a master Reiki practitioner, actively dedicated to helping individuals and groups grow through their personal and spiritual path. Her work is mainly focused in guiding people willing to reconnect with their inner spiritual source.

She initiated her spiritual journey at the age of 14. Her curiosity for understanding the mysteries of the spirit and the self, led her to study the mystical aspects of life as well as other disciplines such as astrology, meditation, prayer, Reiki and martial arts.

Diana discovered her inner talent to help others spiritually, while studying at the Continuum Program of Metaphysics and Personal Growth at the Center of Evolution of Unity School. During her studies she observed that she had the ability to connect with the mind of a certain student. Through the extension of her love and compassion, she led him to heal deep wounds through forgiving issues of his past.

Her personal transformation was accelerated once she became a disciplined student, and later a teacher, of the mental/spiritual training book “A Course in Miracles”. Later on she started her training at the "Ramtha School of Enlightnment", where she currently receives education in quantum physics and other disciplines that address body and mind as a whole.

Diana was born in Bogotá – Colombia, where she graduated in Communications and Journalism. Her professional skills developed through the years are now focused in extending the message of personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Currently, Diana facilitates weekly classes of “A Course in Miracles” in Miami.  She offers spiritual workshops, writes inspirational articles for several magazines and provides therapies and spiritual counseling for individuals. 

“Within you, live the inexhaustible source of miraculous possibilities. However, it is only you who can choose to activate the inner source and transform your life into a manifestation of harmony, peace and love. Your decision to begin the spiritual journey will attract all the means you need to experience a New Self.” - Diana Jaramillo -

Therapies and programs offered at Shin:

  • English / Spanish
    • Reiki sessions
    • Soul Massages. Guided mediation sessions to heal relationship and self-esteem wounds
    • Spiritual Counseling
    • Forgiveness therapies
  • Only Spanish
    • Spiritual workshops (Talleres de crecimiento personal y espiritual)
    • Continuum Program: “5 Steps to awake to a balanced life” (5 Pasos para renacer a una vida en balance)
    • Guided Mediation in CD: “The inner encounter” by: Diana Jaramillo  (CD de Meditación guiada “El encuentro interior”)

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