Flip Aguilera
Flip believes that designing your movement and purposely taking action through corrective exercise will lead you to a life with no limits in your movement- and this is the ideal he brings to his clients and patients at Shin Wellness. Flip Aguilera focuses on working with clients wishing to optimize mind/body & lifestyle.

He uses proven systems such as corrective exercise designed to help clients at their current level burst through to higher achievement with their mind & bodies.

Flip has supported high-level company CEO’s, actors, moms, children, injured, anyone who needs improved movement, achieve higher levels of health through intelligently designed corrective exercise programs.

Flip is the founder of Sweat Nation, and also a public speaker who has been invited to speak at events highlighting mind/body optimization.

Flip is an NSCA, Precision Nutrition & University of Miami Sports/life coach certified professional ready to be your accountability coach in becoming the best you, you can be.
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